Land the Nursing Job You Want – with ACLS Classes in Orange County California and More [ 0 Comments ] [ December 27, 2017 ]

Get the job with ACLS classes in Orange County California

As rewarding as it is to be an RN, it is also difficult to become one. The job can be tough, and it can be as tough to find one. We have collected some tips about landing the nursing job you want, things that you likely didn’t learn about in the nursing school. As a graduating RN, whose good books should you get into? Who could give you the best pointers? Do you really need to choose among certifications like ACLS classes in Orange County, California and others like BLS, PALS and NRP or can you just collect them all? Read on.

Nursing assistant is the first step

Volunteering above what’s necessary may look to you like a bottomless pit to sacrifice your free time to, but that’s your door to the real world nursing (job). Is there a hospital near you that takes on nursing students for nursing assistants? Make sure you sign up, at least when you are on school breaks. First of all, this gives you a first-hand preview of what it looks like to be a nurse, which is something you want to become, right? It’s also a golden opportunity to do networking and show off your excellent knowledge, communicative skills and hard-working qualities. Bear in mind that 60% to 70% jobs are not advertised! These vacancies are filled through networking. Put yourself in the shoes of a nurse recruiter – would you rather hire someone completely unknown or someone who has already been on the team and who other colleagues like?

Clinical rotations are also great for networking

You may not be a fan of clinical rotations, but you may like them more when you look at them as opportunities to network. We’re repeating ourselves with networking, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Clinical rotations are your way to learn more about the nursing and also to show your passion for the job. And don’t think linear here. You may think that you don’t have to try hard in Step Down because you actually want to get to ER. However, if you do well in Step Down, the manager may speak favorably of you when there’s an opening in ER. The takeaway is – you never know, so always do your best in clinical rotations.

Pass ACLS classes in Orange County, California & BLS, PALS and NRP

You may automatically think that just because there are 3 separate life support courses, you have to choose the one that best fits your needs. It’s important to understand that you can get certified in ALL of the listed courses. As a graduating RN, you still don’t know where your career will take you. Considering the competition, having all 4 certifications are that more strings to your bow. Another point – in an effort to make their budgets more efficient, hospitals now regularly employ what is called floating. When there is a shortage of staff in one unit, they’ll send in a nurse from another unit to cover. Being certified in life-support courses for a variety of contexts (for example, PALS is for children patients and NRP for neonates) could significantly boost your hirability.

Ask your clinical instructor for advice

Clinical instructors are an important link between the pool of aspiring nurses and local employers. It’s not uncommon for nurse managers to check your references with your clinical instructor. Show initiative by approaching your instructor to ask for advice in your job hunt. They are most likely to pay you attention if you schedule a meeting. If you try to just catch them on the fly and get a quick answer, such hastiness could spoil your efforts.

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