How to get NRP certification [ 0 Comments ] [ December 11, 2018 ]

how to get nrp certification

For healthcare professionals and other professionals engaged in the field of neonatal care looking to acquire NRP certification, Irvine is the place to be. Being able to think on one’s feet and properly administer CPR and other life-saving techniques performed within ACLS programs is of vital importance in the field of neonatal care as well. If you are wondering how to get NRP certification, here’s what you need to know!

What is NRP certification?

NRP or Neonatal Resuscitation Program was initiated by AHA (The American Heart Association). The purpose of the program is simple: training nurses, doctors and other medical staff members to learn how to resuscitate infants at delivery and immediately after that. Specialists in other areas closely connected to neonatal care can also benefit from joining an NRP course. The NRP program is all about taking action to do one’s best at critical times and learn the intricacies of the complex approach that could save an infant’s life.

Why is NRP certification important?

According to the bleak statistics announced by the World Health Organization, 25% of neonatal deaths is caused by birth asphyxia. It is believed that only preventive and immediate critical care can turn things around, saving the lives of countless infants every year.

Many healthcare professionals have the same dilemma: how to get NRP certification if they feel they are not mentally prepared or comfortable enough to make difficult decisions that high-paced, high-stress neonatal care is bound to demand of them ever so often. Unfortunately, whether a newborn lives or dies is often not up to healthcare professionals, and the causes of such life-threatening situations are often not clear.

Still, deciding to take NRP classes and get NRP certification are a step in the right direction. They enable healthcare professionals to discuss the various scenarios they are likely to encounter. It helps them acquire invaluable knowledge and eventually become more confident when it comes to having to make risky on-site decisions while the clock is ticking.

How to get NRP certification as a team?

Healthcare administrators often decide to enroll a whole team of healthcare workers in the same NRP course. Group classes foster teamwork and team coordination, making the team more efficient in a real-life critical situation.

What is included in an NRP certification course?

NRP certification and recertification courses, such as those offered by Advanced Healthcare Education, include using various resources, self-instruction and a considerable amount of practice. The course participants will have access to a comprehensive overview of the many scenarios they are likely to encounter in the field of neonatal care. The theoretical and the practical insight are both needed to apply a hands-on NRP approach successfully in a critical situation.

How to get NRP certification: just call Advanced Healthcare Education!

A stress-free learning environment that will help you save lives of newborns, make a difference and get a career boost? This is what Advanced Healthcare Education is all about. Join our NRP certification and recertification interactive courses which are guaranteed to give you the profound insight and the hands-on practice needed to master this essential approach in neonatal care. We’ll go through countless NRP scenarios together until you know the matter inside and out. Give us a call and we’ll take it from there!