Do I Need ACLS Certification? [ 0 Comments ] [ January 4, 2019 ]

who can get acls certificationWhen you are fully aware that mere seconds could mean the difference between life and death and that someone’s life could literally be in your hands when you least expect it, you don’t want to take any chances. In other words, you never know when you might need ACLS certification in Irvine and the skills that come with it, which is why you should get certified and recertified in a timely manner.

Since ACLS consists of advanced, extensive life support techniques, you’ll be prepared for the worst-case-scenario at all times, be it when you’re on call or on a day-off. Who knows if you’ll find yourself in need of administering ACLS to a random stranger during your visit to the marvelous Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks?

You also want to be prepared for the best-case-scenario, like being offered a better paid job in a highly esteemed healthcare institution. Still, the question remains: do you need it?

Who can get ACLS certification?

Any medical professional can obtain and benefit from obtaining an ACLS certification. Although based on BLS (Basic Life Support), the program is more comprehensive and complex. Any medical professional who wants to make sure they have the best possible chance to save and sustain a patient’s life should definitely attend the course, take the exam and get certified.

The ACLS certification also opens new job opportunities to professionals in various medical fields. The vast majority of healthcare providers requires the ACLS certification to be approved by AHA (American Heart Association).

Who requires ACLS certification?

Although any healthcare professional can greatly benefit from attending an ACLS course and getting certified, an ACLS certification is an actual requirement only for certain professionals. They usually work in the fields of emergency care, intensive care and various other critical to take acls certification

In other words, it is typically a requirement for doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics and firefighters. Likewise, there are numerous healthcare institutions which actually require employees or eligible applicants to be ACLS-certified, especially if they are supposed to work in critical care units.

Of course, many healthcare professionals who are not required to take the course and the exam for any of these reasons decide to take them nevertheless. Despite the costs, time and energy the whole certification process requires, they undergo it just in case they might need or make use of an ACLS certification in the future.

Making sure that the course/certification is AHA-approved

First and foremost, as mentioned before, make sure that the certification is AHA-approved. What sets an AHA-approved certification from the rest is that the exam itself always consists of two parts: a written test and a hands-on test of skills. Such certification is legitimate and therefore bound to be recognized by any healthcare provider. In other words, you will never have to worry about its validity.

While searching for the best course for you, you will likely come across a range of online ACLS courses. Although they might seem like a pretty convenient option, exercise caution when considering such courses. This is especially true if they describe themselves using misleading phrases such as “approved/recommended by AHA-certified physicians” which means they are not actually AHA-approved. In other words, most hospitals and other healthcare facilities are not likely to recognize them.

How to take ACLS certification in Irvine?

Although it should not stress you out, the ACLS certification exam should not be taken lightly either, which is why you need to prepare well. But first, the details about the course itself. Attending a local class comes with many benefits, the commute being the most obvious one. The course fee is usually reasonable – especially if you’re getting certified in order to increase your chances of getting a job.

who requires acls certificationSome education departments even offer fee reimbursement or assistance so make sure you ask around before applying for a class organized by a certain institution. Last but not least, make sure you go for experienced tutors who will guide you through the whole process, not allowing you to feel afraid or insecure even for a second.

How to prepare for your ACLS examination?

As for the exam, apply the typical clever strategies such as, answer the easiest questions first, read each question slowly and carefully and don’t allow yourself to be on edge when you take it. Also, make sure to practice beforehand using the practice exams and remember that you need to understand the basics of ECG and learn your H’s and T’s. You also need to know the appropriate medications and doses, memorize the applicable algorithms and last but certainly not least, review case scenarios.

These will help you make up for the lack of experience in emergency situations! Of course, you can always seek the help of more experienced co-workers from emergency, intensive and other critical care units who will allow you to monitor them during their typical day at work. Once you pass the exam, hopefully with flying colors, you will get your ACLS provider card almost immediately and be ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in your career!

Where to get ACLS certification near me?

Advanced Healthcare Education, approved by the reputable national organization AHA, and its tutors are here to welcome you with open arms. Not only will you be taking an ACLS course in Irvine, your closest, most convenient location, but you’ll also be learning effectively and in a welcoming, stress-free environment.

After all, ACLSED understands full well that more stress is the last thing you need and we are therefore deeply dedicated to eliminating stress from the classroom, making it your safe haven where you’ll feel completely comfortable.

We also know what all the ACLS course participants are in it for: getting results and changing lives for the better, whether by saving the lives of others or getting ahead in their careers. Aside from being firm believers in the importance of lifelong learning, we are all about helping you realize all your potentials, so call us today!