CPR Training Is Coming to CA High Schools [ 0 Comments ] [ December 11, 2018 ]

CPR training

Learning is always a rewarding experience. It’s all the more rewarding if its purpose is to do good and help others. This year will see young Californians learn an important new skill, perhaps more important than anything schools teach them, a skill that could help them save someone’s life. This means there is now yet another reason to attend ACLS recertification classes in Irvine, refresh your memory and get ACLS-recertified and be ready to perform or demonstrate CPR and other methods of urgent treatment, often performed within NRP programs as well. To be more specific, CPR training is coming to California’s high schools, to be provided to students and employees alike.

Why did decision-makers make CPR training a mandatory graduation requirement?

We’ve all witnessed the recent and not so recent tragedies that struck the nation and shook us all to the core. The consequences of those tragedies are still deeply felt not only by the families who lost someone, but throughout the country. Those events have changed the way we see things, so much so that there is no going back – we can only go forward.

We can choose to learn from what happened. We can create a legacy that future generations will be proud of us for. We have to show mutual support and choose to build a better, brighter future and a more compassionate, understanding world. This is why teaching younger generations to stay ahead is of paramount importance for a better tomorrow.

Who is required to take CPR training?

The 2018-2019 school year will be the first year that high school employees and students in grades 9 to 12 will be required to take a first aid or hands-only (compression-only) cardiopulmonary resuscitation training – or both. The CPR course will employ automated external defibrillators.

What should we learn from this?

Never have we needed people who can perform life-saving techniques such as CPR more than we need them right now. Mandatory CPR training for high school students (and employees) in California is an excellent way to take action. Our youth should learn to respond quickly and confidently to all kinds of life-threatening situations.

After being trained in CPR and other techniques, they will be better prepared and better equipped to deal with any emergency situation, never allowing themselves to be caught off guard and become panic-stricken.

Getting certified and recertified in ACLS and ability to perform various advanced life-saving interventions will not only be a considerable enhancement of your resume. It could, when you least expect it, mean the difference between life and death.

Advanced Healthcare Education holds CPR training and more

Here at Advanced Healthcare Education, we believe in life-long learning. It is never too late to expand one’s knowledge on any matter, especially if it is a hands-on approach conducive to restoring people’s health and wellbeing. CPR is the quintessential tool that you can potentially use to save someone’s life – and that alone is reason enough to take one of our courses. Do what our students do: choose to grow and learn. Give Advanced Healthcare Education a call today!