How Much Do You Know About The American Heart Association? [ 0 Comments ] [ September 18, 2018 ]

American Heart AssociationPassing certain courses in basic and advanced emergency medicine is sometimes required for healthcare professionals. One of the institutions which is qualified to hold classes and issue certificates in this area is the American Heart Association. However, seeing how immense the task of certification and education of current and future medical workers is, the AHA has a network of authorized training centers. So, for instance, if you are looking for ACLS classes in Orange County California, you will find that Advanced Healthcare Education is the organization. You can also attend classes in San Diego, where we’ve recently hosted a Grand Opening.

The story of the American Heart Association is a long and important one for any aspiring medical professional in the USA today, so here is just a brief introduction.

The founding

The organization was established over 90 years ago, in 1924 in New York by six eminent cardiologists with the aim to better understand heart disease and to share the knowledge with as many people as possible. It is the oldest voluntary organization oriented towards heart and vascular health. It is also the biggest, with more than 30 million supporters and volunteers, as well as 3000 employees all across the US.

The headquarters of the organization was moved from New York to Dallas in 1975 in order to be in a more central location, closer to the heart of the nation, so to speak. Another important milestone was reached in 1997, when a separate branch of the organization was set up to focus on stroke – The American Stroke Society.

Why is the American Heart Association important?

The heart disease is among the top killers in the developed world and in the USA. Similar vascular diseases like stoke are not only killers, but they also lead to high numbers of temporary and permanent disabilities. Research into how to stop and prevent heart and other cardiovascular disease is certainly one of the great milestones that modern medicine must strive to achieve.

What does the AHA do?

The American Heart Association has been funding research into new treatment options, as well as prevention methods which are aimed at improving the health of Americans. The current goal which the organization has put forward is to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans by 20 percent, as well as reduce the death toll from cardiovascular diseases by 20 percent by the year 2020.

Research and other practices of the organization are giving visible results. The heart disease is on the decline and the day when it is no longer the top cause of mortality of people in the USA is fast approaching. Similarly, the stroke mortality has decreased as well, falling from the 3rd most common killer to 5th. All of this was achieved in just 5 short years, which gives great hope for the future.

What can individuals do to help AHA’s cause?

AHA is a voluntary organization which is funded largely through the donations of the people. So, if you want to help the organization directly, you may consider donating some money or your time to your local AHA office. However, that is not the main goal of the organization, it is simply a means to achieve a higher cause.

Taking care of your coronary health is the best way to promote the agenda and the goals of the AHA.

If you are a healthcare professional who may come in contact with life-threatening situations, it would be beneficial for you professionally and personally to take one or more courses in basic or advanced life support which are AHA-accredited and performed by authorized training centers like Advanced Healthcare Education. We are currently one of the leaders in this field in Southern California with 6 certified locations, now including San Diego, too. Find out more about our classes on our website, or give us a call today!