What Do I Need to Get ACLS? [ 0 Comments ] [ August 1, 2019 ]

In order for you to get your ACLS certification in Hoffman Estates  there are requirements you must meet and things you must do, such as finding a flexible ACLS class schedule in Hoffman Estates. Since ACLS represents an advanced course, one that takes BLS to a whole new level, you need instructors you can trust to help you push through without any of the stress and learn to administer ACLS with absolute confidence. 

Does ACLS include first aid?

Since it is an advanced course that typically builds on the skills already acquired in a BLS course and formal medical training, ACLS includes not only first aid, but much more than that. After all, ACLS is intended solely for healthcare professionals.

The course considerably expands the set of skills required for the administration of first aid. Anyone taking ACLS is required and expected to be familiar with basic lifesaving techniques such as CPR and AED. Although being BLS-certified is highly recommended and desirable, it is not required as the same skills are also covered by formal medical training.

How is ACLS different from BLS?

Aside from a more advanced approach which requires formal medical education, ACLS is typically required only of those in or about to enter the medical profession. On the other hand, BLC is a requirement not only for healthcare professionals, but also for many engaged in some sort of work with the public. 

The difference between the two can be summed up as follows:

  • Audience
  • Background medical knowledge requirements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tools & resources

BLS covers not only the basics of CPR and the use of AED, but also other basic lifesaving procedures to be used outside of a hospital environment. Because it covers the basics without the use of advanced procedures, tools or medication, it does not represent as much of a challenge as ACLS does. Anyone can become BLS-certified, be it a teacher, coach, babysitter or anyone working in a profession that typically works with large groups of children or adults.

Being BLS-certified is often required of anyone working in healthcare, while being ACLS-certified may or may not be a requirement. This depends on the specific healthcare institution and/or department. There is a possibility you will need both ACLS and BLS. Even if you are not required to become certified, it will certainly help your job prospects.

Can anyone take ACLS?

Although anyone is welcome to take the BLS course, that is not the case with ACLS. ACLS is only available to those with a medical background, as it covers numerous protocols and procedures which require an in-depth approach to learning and a thorough understanding of the course material. 

Besides, obtaining hands-on experience in an ACLS class is hardly possible without being aware of the causes of various medical conditions and the indications for the application of various protocols.

ACLS also requires course participants to be familiar with various medications to be administered in case of a medical emergency. This means knowing which medication to use, when to administer it and how to do it properly.

Last but not least, there are various tools and resources or algorithms that ACLS certification courses cover, aside from the use of the automated external defibrillator (AED) which is also covered by BLS. ACLS courses require the use of ECGs, intubation materials, intravenous medications and the like.

Get your ACLS certification in Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates, home of the Sears Centre Arena, is also home to Advanced Healthcare Education, which is a training center approved by the American Heart Association. We believe in an in-depth approach to training and learning, all of which is performed in a welcoming classroom environment. 

Since we insist on small groups, our kind, knowledgeable and experienced instructors give undivided attention to each student. You can now become better at your job without having to jump through hoops. We take the stress and hassle out of the whole process, with the ultimate goal to make you feel at home while helping you learn and become confident! See you in class!