What To Look For in ACLS Courses Orange County [ 0 Comments ] [ August 22, 2017 ]

What to know about ACLS courses Orange County

Today, your options for ACLS courses Orange County run a wide range. Considering the fact that nurses have packed schedules, they can now choose among a swathe of different course structures and prices. Unfortunately, while you are looking for a course that best suits your needs, you may end up in a course that is designed to take your money without giving you an accepted and accredited ACLS certification. Here is what you should check before you sign up for a course in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Do I get an AHA-approved CPR card?

American Heart Association or AHA is one of the two most authoritative bodies that can certify individuals in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The other authority is the Red Cross.

American Heart Association in an internationally-acclaimed organization. They carry out and fund studies and medical research (link to the other blog) that inform the guidelines for CPR. They also hold conferences and share the findings with healthcare professionals. Training centers that are certified by AHA to deliver CPR courses have to adhere to very stringent requirements and their operation is also reviewed by AHA at least every 2 years.

The Red Cross adheres to the guidelines presented by the American Heart Association. But, the California Hospitals do not accept their cards at this time.

If the center that you are considering doesn’t offer an AHA or Red Cross card, you should look for another training opportunity.

Is there an in-class portion of the course?

Online taken ACLS course and exam are a scam if you want to have a relevant and accepted CPR card. By this we mean those providers of ACLS courses in Orange County, California that allow you to go over the learning portion and take the exam online, without ever having to demonstrate your skills in front of an instructor.

American Heart Association (AHA)  offers students the possibility to complete part of the course on-line, but in order to pass the entire course,students are required to do the practical, hands-on part in person. In January 2018 Advanced Healthcare Education will be an AHA Authorized Training Site for 15 years and have found most students do not want to do the course in 2 parts. So the entire course is done in the classroom with Instructor.

You should steer clear of any training program that offers you to complete the course entirely online and even print out your certificate at home. After completing such a course, you will not have a CPR certificate that is acceptable in most U.S. hospitals and medical institutions.

Bear in mind that it’s highly unlikely that, after a fully online course, you will have the confidence to react readily in a code situation. Any reputable training center will require you to do a portion of the course in front of a certified instructor, who will also be able to answer all your questions.

Interested in reputable and reliable ACLS courses Orange County?

Advanced Healthcare Education has been delivering ACLS courses for almost 15 years with enormous success. Our goal is to provide you engaging, interactive, fun and stress-free courses that will enhance your memory retention and equip you with confidence to react to emergency situations. For more information, please visit www.aclsed.com or contact us via phone. We’d be happy to hear from you!