The History of ACLS Certification by American Heart Association [ 0 Comments ] [ September 18, 2018 ]

ACLS certification American Heart AssociationAre you about to enroll in ACLS classes in Orange County, CA or our newly-opened San Diego location and want to find out more about ACLS, aka Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and how the guidelines were developed and evolved over the past? We have the American Heart Association (AHA) to thank for that! This is how ACLS certification American Heart Association courses were created.

American Heart Association: How it all began

The AHA is the oldest and biggest voluntary health organization in the United States committed to battling against cardiovascular diseases and stroke. What is now a voluntary organization was once a scientific society. Its story began back in 1915, when a team of pioneers made up of social workers and physicians founded the first Association for the Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease in New York City.

Lack of knowledge about heart disease made it difficult for patients to go on with their lives, being limited to bed rest and scarce information. After conducting various studies to determine if patients could go back to work, these physicians inspired colleagues across the nation and Canada to form other heart associations in the 1920s.

The increased interest in heart disease and a number of similar organizations emphasized the need for one national organization that would encourage further, all-encompassing research and share the findings. With that goal, six cardiologists, all members of different groups, joined their efforts in 1924. That is how the AHA was founded.

American Heart Association programs and mission: Making an impact

Gaining a foothold as a one-of-a-kind supporter of accessible healthcare and a champion of public health, the AHA established three focus areas. Apart from cardiovascular science and fundraising endeavors, the AHA prioritized cardiovascular education.

As a provider of valuable information about stroke and heart disease, the AHA’s goal was to effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, ultimately saving lives and building healthier lives. With the help of dedicated scientists, physicians and partners worldwide, the AHA has formed proven strategies and programs, remaining a trustworthy leader in emergency cardiovascular care to this day.

AHA and ACLS: Saving lives through training

After a number of studies, it was time to move the AHA’s findings from clinics and laboratories to doctors’ offices and, eventually, American households. In 1974, half a century after the AHA was formed, ACLS certification American Heart Association guidelines were first published.

Established after discussions at the Third National Conference on CPR, ACLS consists of a series of protocols used to treat life-threatening emergencies. These interventions have been developed through opinions of experts in the field, research, clinical and case studies.

The guidelines were updated by the AHA in 1980, 1986, 1992, 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015. The updates are released every 5 years, after the AHA’s meeting where the data gathered in the meantime is discussed.

ACLS requires extensive training and practice and can only be performed by qualified and certified healthcare professionals.

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