Do I Need Both ACLS and BLS? [ 0 Comments ] [ August 1, 2019 ]

Many healthcare professionals, medical and nursing students looking to become ACLS-certified in Hoffman Estates are uncertain about what their certification requirements are. They normally want to know what exactly does ACLS entail and how it can help them on their career path and improve their job prospects.

Before you join an ACLS class in Hoffman Estates, here’s what you need to know about the differences and applications of ACLS and BLS.

Is ACLS and BLS the same?

ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support and BLS or Basic Life Support are two separate certifications and two separate courses. Both concern life support, except that BLS may be applied by just about anyone, as it boils down to the basic procedures. ACLS, on the other hand, is typically only used in a hospital environment.

Does ACLS replace BLS?

ACLS does not replace BLS, in the sense that it cannot supersede it, although it does build on the set of skills required for BLS certification. Sometimes, the requirement posed by the healthcare institution is that you have both of these certification cards. 

Even if that is not the case, many students choose to become both BLS and ACLS-certified so they would be given the opportunity to explore new career options and job opportunities.

What is the difference between BLS and ACLS?

The main difference is that ACLS builds on BLS, in other words, it requires advanced knowledge and medical background, and includes a significantly broader scope of skills, techniques, protocols and forms of treatment. Below is how the differences can be best illustrated:

  • Audience 

BLS is intended for anyone working in any profession which includes dealing with large groups of adults or children, while ACLS is intended for healthcare professionals alone.

  • Background medical knowledge requirements

ACLS builds on BLS and other forms of formal medical education and training, while BLS requires no prior medical training whatsoever.

  • Pharmaceuticals

The use of medications is not part of the BLS procedure, while ACLS does not only require the use of medications, but also being able to accurately recognize the need for a particular medication, including an intravenous one, and administer it properly. 

  • Tools & resources

Aside from AED, BLS does not cover the use of any special tools. ACLS, on the other hand, relies heavily on the use of ECGs, intubation materials and the like. Perhaps most important of all is that ACLS requires students to develop an in-depth understanding of various emergency scenarios, causes and the applicable algorithms. This is of paramount importance since ACLS is intended for use in hospitals and in case of medical emergencies, most often by the paramedics, critical care staff and the like.

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