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ACLS Classes in San Diego: When Do You Pay Attention To Shortness of Breath?

Shortness of breath is such a common experience. How do you know when it is no cause for worry and when it should raise a red flag? Shortness of breath or breathlessness doesn’t have a strict definition, but it includes any difficult, uncomfortable breathing and the feeling that you can’t get enough air. It can mean a lot of things and yet it can mean nothing. When the person is having a stuffy nose, breathlessness is a typical side effect. Strenuous exercise also normally leads to shortness of breath, especially when the person doesn’t exercise much or at all. However, shortness of breath could indicate a variety of respiratory and cardiac conditions. Obviously, problems with lungs and airways will lead to difficulty breathing, but heart can also be the source of the problem. If the heart doesn’t pump enough blood to provide enough oxygen for the body, breathlessness can occur as a consequence. If the person’s breath is short due to the heart, it could suggest a... Read more...